2019 Council Meeting Minutes

January 17 2019 Special Meeting

City of Surrey

Special Meeting

Thursday, January 24, 2019

7:30 pm

Present: Jason Strand, Rod Hjelden, Mike Thiesen, Brent Dickinson, Travis Dalby, Karla Walsh, and Lindsay Coca.  Also present: City Attorney Deb Hoffarth.

Mayor Strand called the meeting to order at 7:30pm.

Hjelden/Dalby made a motion to go into closed session under 44.04-18.1regarding confidential employee information and 44-04-19.1(5) attorney consultation.  Roll Call:  All-Aye.

Everyone was asked to leave for the executive session.

Thiesen made a motion to exit executive session at 7:49 pm.  Dickinson seconded.  Roll Call:  All-Aye.


Mayor Strand called the special meeting to order at 7:49 pm. 

Discussion ensued regarding the contingency plan and staff planning. 

Karla from Nexus provided information about their company; including the services they provide and the charge for the service. 

Discussion ensued.

Mike made a motion to accept the contract presented from Karla from Nexus.  Karla seconded.  Discussion ensued further.  Roll Call:  All-Aye.

 Hjelden asked about temporary workers.  Discussion ensued. 

 Hjelden made a motion to hire a temporary assistant for $15/hour to help in the office up to 40 hours/week.  Coca seconded.  Roll Call:  All-Aye.

 Discussion ensued. 

 Thiesen made a motion to approve the contingency plan; with a plan in place to check how things are working at the next regular council meeting.  Dalby seconded.  Discussion ensued.  Roll Call:  Thiesen-aye; Dalby-aye; Dickinson-aye; Coca-aye; Hjelden-aye; Walsh-aye.


Discussion ensued regarding a liquor license for the Devil’s Fire in Surrey.  Hjelden made a motion to approve the liquor license.  Dickinson seconded.  Roll Call:  All-aye.

 Dalby made a motion to adjourn.  Dickinson seconded.


Jennifer Johns, Deputy Auditor                             Date Submitted


Jason Strand, Mayor                                                           Date Approved