November 2, 2009





Mayor Steve Fennewald called the meeting to order at 7:00p.m.  Present were Mayor Steve Fennewald, Council Members Terry Johnson, Blaine Klein, Jarvis Sasse, and Kevin Nelsen.  Also present Police Chief Brad Seideman, Auditor Jason Vaagen, Public Works Superintendent Steve Peterson and Deputy Auditor Rosemary McNamara.


The Agenda was reviewed.  The additions were: Laura Forbes from Ward County Sheriff’s Department; Revised bills of $29,232.72, to include District 19 interest payment and Magic City Implement bill; Revised Payroll amount of $20,742.58, as payroll was just completed this morning; Uncollected Property taxes; Property tax exemption; Ordinance Change for Council and Judge pay raises; City Brochure needs to be completed by end of year.


Mayor Fennewald read the consent agenda: Review and approve the minutes from the 10/06/09, Resolution 2009-10 & 2009-11; Approve financial reports and payroll in the amount of $20742.58 and bills to be paid in the amount of $29931.09; Approve the Auditor’s Report, Public Works Reports, Police and Municipal Court; Motion Nelson/Johnson to approve the consent agenda.  Roll call vote: Johnson-aye; Nelsen-aye; Sasse-aye; and Klein-aye. Motion passes 4-0.


Under Unfinished Business:

District 28

a) Casey Tompkins a representative of Surrey Township came to address council regarding the graveling district and if 5th Ave. NE was being included in the District. The township wants to open dialogue with the city regarding this road as to the township that road is 111th St. NE.  Surrey Township would like to sit down with Council and determine ownership and look at the road and its condition. Ultimately it was decided that the ownership of the road would need to be looked into.


The City Council on November 2, 2009 resolved to begin the proceeding to annex a tract or parcel of land hereinafter specifically described, to include the north half of the NE quarter of Section 24 of Township 155 North (T155N) Range 82 West (R82W) consisting of 80 acres more or less, that is contiguous to the City of Surrey. Sasse/Nelsen made the motion for resolution. Roll: Sasse-aye; Nelsen-aye; Johnson-aye; and Klein-aye. Resolution passes 4-0.


Under Monthly Business:

 Councilman Nelsen would like to discuss alternatives to putting in 4th St. SW to further development in the area. He was going to drop the issue if the lift station in the area didn’t have more capacity. Alan Estvold from Ackerman-Estvold didn’t see an issue with storage for the lift station and stated a bigger pump could always be put in. Therefore discussion on alternatives for development of the area of 4th St. SW ensued.


Auditor Vaagen presented Council with a request from Leo Korgel to put a street light on the corner of 1st St. and 2nd Ave. NW. Discussion ensued and Council asked the Police Chief and Public Works Director Peterson their opinions. It was determined there is no need for a streetlight there. Auditor Vaagen was instructed to send Mr. Korgel a letter denying the request.


Motion by Sasse/Klein was made to retain Rath and Mehrer for the 2008-2009 audits again. Roll Call: Sasse-aye; Klein-aye; Johnson-aye; and Nelsen-aye. Motion carried 4-0.


Motion was made by Sasse/Nelsen to accept the part-time Public Works Employee resignation and authorize Mayor Fennewald to offer the position to the best candidate. Roll Call: Sasse-aye; Nelsen-aye; Johnson-aye; and Klein-aye. Motion carried 4-0.


Auditor Vaagen presented Council with an opportunity to do holiday spot advertising. Council concurred that the city didn’t need to advertise.


Auditor Vaagen addressed council regarding the day after Thanksgiving and if they wanted the city offices open or not. Council concurred that Auditor Vaagen should follow prior years procedures.


Mayor Fennewald discussed the meeting that the city had with North Prairie Rural Water. He indicated that at the meeting it was disclosed North Prairie would get the city back on Minot water. He also disclosed that there was a spirit of cooperation presented by North Prairie, but he believes that the city needs reserve judgment on if the working relationship will improve now that North Prairie is changing a majority of staff.


Auditor Vaagen approached council to increase water deposits to $100. Vaagen disclosed that he has been monitoring water bills since he started and the current deposit in a majority of cases doesn’t cover a month’s bill. A motion was made by Sasse/Klein to increase the water deposit to $100 for any new residents. Roll Call: Sasse-aye; Klein-aye; Johnson-aye; and Nelsen-aye. Motion carried 4-0.


Auditor Vaagen brought to the Council attention that the city has been approached to switch the liability insurance to Bremer Insurance. Auditor Vaagen stated that it was the decision of the Council but he didn’t feel there was enough benefit to switching agents. Council concurred and decided to leave it unchanged.


Auditor Vaagen presented Council with information pertaining to a 700 MHZ planning meeting in Bismarck, in case a member of Council wanted to attend. Council concurred there was no need to attend.


Auditor Vaagen updated Council on the status of the emergency sirens. He stated that the sirens have been mounted but have not been wired yet.


Auditor Vaagen brought to the attention of Council that a new Canola Plant is going into the Minot Ag Park. Auditor Vaagen stated the reason he brought it up was he received an email about projects listed on the Department of Commerce website and this project was on there. Another reason that Auditor Vaagen presented this to Council is that he has had inquiries about it therefore he wanted Council to know. Council concurred that the only issue could be the smell from the plant and that the City of Surrey has no control over that.


Mayor Fennewald asked that the office project be put on the agenda. This was the result of Auditor Vaagen asking when it could be started as city employees have asked him. Council requested that Auditor Vaagen provide them with plans and he went to his office to get the drawing and material list. Auditor Vaagen stated that this list didn’t include the wiring or the cost of moving the gas heater that is hanging in the space. Council discussed the issue and concurred that the project could be started.


Auditor Vaagen presented an opportunity to purchase a scanner/ plotter from Minot. Vaagen indicated that it is his understanding that maps can be made with it. Council discussed how much it could be used and if it was a needed item. Councilman Sasse suggested purchasing the scanner from Minot. Mayor Fennewald asked Council how much to offer for the scanner/plotter? Councilman Nelsen indicated that the city should negotiate with Minot. A Motion was made by Sasse/Nelsen to purchase from Minot the Scanner/Plotter for up to $200. Roll Call: Sasse-aye; Nelsen-aye; Johnson-aye; and Klein-nay. Motion carried 3-1.





Jason Strand from Ackerman-Estvold prepared the costs estimate for District 28. The cost’s for putting a two-inch base of gravel on all gravel roads in town would be approximately $30,000. Discussion ensued. A motion to accept the cost estimate for District 28 was made by Johnson/Nelsen. Roll Call: Johnson-aye; Nelsen-aye; Sasse-aye; and Klein-nay. Motion carried 3-1.


Jason Strand addressed Council regarding the valley gutter project. He stated that the project has begun; however there has been an issue with the concrete that has been poured.  The issue being insulating blankets weren’t put on the concrete and it froze that evening. Strand indicated that he is working with Bechtold regarding the matter. Discussion ensued. Council concurred that they wanted to be updated on the status of the issue.


Public Works Director Peterson addressed council regarding training he received in Washburn and Minot this last month. Peterson stated he learned a lot and was able to visit with a few vendors on the monitoring system for the cistern.


Peterson presented two different options for monitoring the cistern. The first option was a monitoring system through AE2S that would allow the cistern and tower to be monitored by computer. This system would cost the city between $75,000 and $85,000. The second option was a dialer system through ND Sewage Pump Company at a cost of $1975 plus the monthly service charge for a Sensaphone Dialer landline service, or $2775 plus service charge for I link Cellular service. Discussion ensued with Councilman Sasse stating that the landline system would be less expensive. Mayor Fennewald deferred to Councilman Sasse as a result of Sasse’s extensive experience as a SRT employee for 30 plus years. A motion was made by Sasse/Nelsen to go with the Sensaphone Dialer System. Roll Call: Sasse-aye; Nelsen-aye; Johnson-aye; and Klein-aye. Motion carried 4-0.


Peterson addressed Council regarding being approached for the city to join the Water & Wastewater Agency Response Network system. The WARN system provides help to other members in times when assistance is needed. Council concurred that this would be beneficial for the city.


Peterson presented Council with the opportunity to purchase asphalt patch mix from Northern Improvement. This mix is to repair potholes, frost boils and things like that. The cost of the asphalt patch is $11.55 per 50lb. bag or $215 per ton. Discussion ensued on whether it was needed and where it could be stored if purchased. Peterson stated there would only be a savings of $5 per ton by ordering now. Council concurred to wait and see if is needed.


Peterson wanted to publicly thank Councilman Nelsen for the use of a wire feed welder to repair the loader bucket. Peterson indicated that he asked Councilman Nelsen if he would consider selling the welder. Councilman Nelsen stated that he would consider selling the welder but had not thought about a price. Discussion on purchasing the welder was tabled until costs could be discussed.


Peterson requested instruction from Council on purchasing Sand and Salt mix for the roads this winter. Discussion ensued. Peterson indicated that the city has about four sander loads remaining from last year. Councilman Sasse indicated that the city would not want to store the mix too long as the Salt leaches from it. Council concurred that the city should wait until more is needed.


Peterson addressed Council regarding the dehumidifier at the cistern, because the one there quit working. Discussion ensued on whether one should be purchased or whether prices should be looked into. Peterson indicated that Matt from AE2S stated it should be a commercial dehumidifier rather than a residential one. Councilman Klein asked how old the dehumidifier that is there cost. Councilman Sasse stated that he thought the dehumidifier has been around for at least eight years, however the city needs to address the problem promptly to minimize corrosion of electrical contacts in the panels at the cistern. Council concurred that Peterson should just get one like we have.


Peterson requested authorization to update the city cell phone contracts on the two Public Works phones, as they are eligible for upgrades. Chief Seideman indicated that he would like to switch his phone with the part-time Public Works phone so that he can get a better phone that is easier to use for taking notes, sending pictures to dispatch, and other needs. He indicated that he could upgrade the phone for an additional $80. Chief Seideman indicated that he had visited with Ron Aberle about the new phones. Chief Seideman would like to request the City pay the eighty dollars. Councilman Sasse indicated that he was not willing to spend the $80. A citizen stated that it appeared that Council wasn’t willing to provide the tools for Chief Seideman to do his job. Councilman Sasse rebutted that, stating over $30,000 has gone into the Police Department this year and he was personally not willing to make a motion to allow the extra expense. Chief Seideman stated that he understood and would cover the extra cost himself. Council concurred that phones could be updated.


Chief Seideman addressed Council regarding a concern on 4th Ave. SW, he stated there currently a yield sign going North but nothing the other directions. With increased traffic Chief Seideman would like to see at least yield signs on all sides of the intersection of 4th Avenue & 5th Street.  Council concurred that Peterson and Seideman should contact Councilman Larsen about the signage.


A citizen south of the city addressed Council regarding people speeding on 104th St. going past his house. Chief Seideman stated he would step up patrol of the road but had jurisdictional limitations.


Public Works Director Peterson addressed Council regarding the old Public Works pickup and the lawn tractors, regarding what Council wanted to do with these items as they are rarely used. Council concurred to hold on to these items as they may be used in the near future.


Laura Forbes addressed the Council regarding whether they had any issues or concerns she could address. She addressed the issue of speed on 104th stating that she would email both the deputies in her office and the highway patrol to increase efforts on 104th.


Auditor Vaagen addressed Council regarding the current Property Tax Exemption for homeowners of new homes. Auditor Vaagen indicated that he had spoken with the Director of Tax Equalization from Ward County regarding a change the legislature made, therefore Ward County revised its resolution to only allow the exemption for homeowners. Auditor Vaagen indicated that if the City wants to follow suit, the resolution that was previously passed needs to be revised. A motion was made by Nelsen/Sasse to change the exemption to read homeowners only. Roll Call: Nelsen-aye; Sasse-aye; Klein-aye; and Johnson-aye. Motion carried 4-0.


A motion was made by Sasse/ Johnson to pass the first reading of revisions to 4.0111 of the city Ordinance regarding Compensation of the Mayor, Council members, Municipal Judge, and Committee Members. Roll Call: Nelsen-aye; Sasse-aye; Klein-nay; and Johnson-aye. Motion Carried 3-1.


Councilman Sasse wanted to discuss the manufactured home ordinance because of the questions that Auditor Vaagen has received. Discussion ensued on the differences between manufactured and modular homes. Auditor Vaagen explained the reason for the questions is someone had decided to purchase a lot from Jung’s and place a modular home on it. Council asked if the city knows if the home will fit in the area aesthetically. Auditor Vaagen indicated that he doesn’t know which type of modular home it is. He indicated that he knows it is an Iseman home but which model he didn’t know.  A motion was made by Sasse/Nelsen to change ordinance 7.0301 Manufactured Homes to Manufactured/Modular Homes and to add that the home must conform to the look of the area. This will be considered the first reading. Roll Call: Sasse-aye; Nelsen-aye; Johnson-aye; and Klein-aye. Motion carries 4-0.


Councilman Klein asked if the city has received the bill from Magic City Implement for the repairs to the tractor. Auditor Vaagen indicated that was one of the revisions for the bills to be paid.


Councilman Johnson thanked Public Works Director for mowing the ice rink the area looks much better.


Council inquired about the compost dumpster and when Circle would be picking it up. Auditor Vaagen stated that in previous years it was usually picked up right before the first snow or around the 1st of November. However he would have them pick it up along with the construction dumpster as soon as the compost drop offs started to slow down.


Councilman Johnson also asked if Auditor Vaagen would speak to Circle Sanitation about changing their route so they are not going down school road until after school has begun. Auditor Vaagen indicated that he would contact the driver and discuss it with him.


Council pointed out that in December the council meeting will be from 7-8pm with the city Christmas party to follow.


 Motion to adjourn Nelsen/Sasse.  Meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m.