August 3, 2009





Mayor Steve Fennewald called the meeting to order at 7:02p.m.  Present were Mayor Steve Fennewald, Council Members Terry Johnson, Blaine Klein, Dana Larsen, Kevin Nelsen, Jarvis Sasse, and Laura Volk.  Also present were Engineer Jason Strand of Ackerman-Estvold, Police Chief Brad Seideman, Auditor Jason Vaagen, Public Works Superintendent Greg Lemer and Deputy Auditor Rosemary McNamara.


The Agenda was reviewed.  There were no additions.


Mayor Fennewald read the consent agenda: Review and approve the minutes from the 7/6/09 Regular Meeting, the 7/8/09 Special Meeting, the 7/9/09 Special Meeting, and the 7/13/09 Special Meeting; Approve financial reports and payments of payroll in the amount of $4,482.93 (does not include today’s payroll) and bills to be paid in the amount of $39,376.26; Approve the Municipal Court, Police and Public Works Reports; Approve the First Western Bank Report of Pledged Securities.  Motion Larsen/ Sasse to approve the consent agenda.  Roll call vote: Larsen-aye; Sasse-aye; Volk-aye; Johnson-aye; motion carried 4-0.


Kevin Nelsen entered the meeting.


Under Unfinished Business, Volk reported on the meeting held with the Ward County Advisory Study Committee.  At that meeting discussion was held on water supply concerns and the high cost of adding a lift station to our infrastructure.  Because of a mix-up in scheduling the meeting the full committee was not in attendance and Volk received a call offering to meet with Surrey residents again in the fall. 


Under Monthly Business, motion Larsen/Volk to approve the 2nd reading of Section 15.0138 of Chapter 15 of the General Ordinances of the City of Surrey, changing the zoning of Lots 1 & 2, Myers 4th Addition to the City of Surrey from agricultural to residential.  Roll call vote:  Sasse-aye; Volk-aye; Johnson-aye; Nelsen-aye; Larsen-aye; motion carried 5-0.


The District 27 Protest Meeting will be held on August 10th at 7 pm.  The auditor’s office has received written protests from residents that own 71% of the land in District 27.  Mayor Fennewald asked that reminders be sent out to the council members. Discussion ensued on possibility of extending payment terms of the special assessments.


Blaine Klein entered the meeting.


Klein asked that the city change the signs on 2nd St. NE from 13 ton total weight to 5 ton per axle so that the weight limit matches the rest of the City of Surrey. Vaagen stated that according to the ordinances, the weight limit on 2nd St. NE is the same as the other city streets, and the weight limit signs posted on 2nd street are incorrect. There was discussion on the regulations for service vehicles. Council directed Lemer to change the signs to reflect the correct limits.


Under the Mayor’s Report, motion Sasse/Volk to appoint Jason Vaagen as City Auditor.  Roll call vote: Sasse-aye; Volk-aye; Johnson-aye; Nelsen-aye, Larsen-aye; Klein-aye; motion carried 6-0.


Under the Auditor’s Report, Vaagen let the council know the North Dakota League of Cities Annual Convention will be held September 24-26 at the Grand International Inn in Minot. Mayor Fennewald asked if any of the council members wanted to attend. Vaagen was instructed to check on early bird registration. In addition to this, the city has received a request that we purchase advertising on a school calendar of athletic events.  Vaagen explained the company sent a request via fax. Council discussed the issue and then decided to decline.


Under the Engineer’s Report, Jason Strand presented the council with an estimate of $38,497 to buy and install two fire hydrants.  Because the estimate was much higher than anticipated, the council then discussed other options. Motion Sasse/Nelsen to install a permanent marker curbside, in the city right of way, indicating where the hydrant is located. Roll call Sasse-aye; Larson-aye; Nelsen-aye; Johnson-aye; Volk-aye; Klein-aye. Council directed Lemer to install a marker for the fire hydrant placed in the easement between 3rd and 4th Streets.


Strand also indicated that Bechtold would be out soon for the Myers paving project and at that time the work on the patch on 3rd Ave. by the lift station would be completed, as well as the frost boils.


Under the Public Works Report, PWS Lemer presented the council with three bids for installation of a valley gutter on 5th St SW.  Motion made by Volk/Sasse to hire Bechtold Paving to install the valley gutter and to pay for the project with $10,950 of Highway Distribution Fund special funds.  Roll call vote:  Larsen-aye; Nelsen-aye; Johnson-aye; Volk-aye; Klein-aye; Sasse-aye; motion carried 6-0.


Lemer informed council that the school is in the process of building a concession stand with bathrooms.  They will need to hook into the city water and sewer mains, and Lemer asked the council for clarification on whether they would be charged the same rate as a residential hook up.  The school would be getting another water meter and another account.  Council stated the school should be charged the same hook up fee as any other residence in that district.  Lemer has had an offer to buy the old lawn mower that is in the fenced area.  It hasn’t been used for anything but parts for a long time. He also has had a bid on the tiller.  Council advised Lemer to keep the tiller. Motion Volk/Klein to sell the lawn mower.  Roll call vote:  Klein-aye; Nelsen-aye; Johnson-aye; Larsen-aye; Volk-aye; Sasse-aye; motion carried 6-0.


Lemer plans to have all the gravel roads graded after the tenth of the month.  Discussion was held on the gravel roads in the city.  Motion Sasse/Nelsen to stop maintaining any private driveway.  Roll call vote:  Nelsen-aye; Johnson-aye; Larsen-aye; Klein-aye; Sasse-aye; Volk-aye; motion carried 6-0.


A resident has complained of her lights dimming when the NE lift station pumps kick in.  Greg will check with Tom Miller regarding this and make sure our pumps are not causing any electrical problems.


Under the Police Report Seideman informed council he and Officer Schlag are attending training on science based drug education next week.  This training had been scheduled for March, but was rescheduled because of flooding throughout the state. Seideman also asked for authorization for he and Schlag to attend training in Grand Forks in November.  The training is on officer survival and the state pays for training, hotels, and food. Discussion ensued about the training that officers are required to have to maintain their license. Both full and part time officers are required to have 60 hours of training every three years. Sasse asked Seideman to present council with the amount of yearly training that has already been completed by both full and part time employees. Motion made by Sasse/Johnson for Seideman and Schlag to attend officer survival training in November. Roll Call: Sasse-aye; Johnson-aye; Nelsen-aye; Volk-aye; Larsen-aye; Klein-aye; motion carried 6-0.


Under Other Business, Volk asked that a letter be sent to the owner of the rental house behind her concerning their weeds.  They are in violation of the weed and grass ordinance.


Mayor Fennewald asked that a GPS be put on the police car.  Discussion ensued about the different types of GPS contracts and services. Motion Sasse/Nelsen that GPS be put on the car spending no more than $395 for the unit and $150 for installation. Roll call Sasse-aye; Volk-nay; Larsen-aye; Nelsen-aye; Johnson-nay; Klein-nay; motion tied at 3-3. Mayor Fennewald cast a vote to break the tie-aye; motion passed 4-3.


Under the Police Report, Seideman had traffic advisor lights that won’t fit the new car and can’t be sent back.   The Public Works department will use the lights. He informed the council that his trip to Bismarck for grant dollars proved to be unsuccessful and he is not sure why we were unable to receive any funding. Seideman spoke with Minot PD about getting a 4WD and Minot PD would be willing to sell us one for $1, however it would not be available until March. The equipment from the Intrepid would be used on the 4WD. Seideman told Minot PD that we would take it.


Klein asked the costs on repairs of the bi-directional. Lemer stated that the repairs had not yet been completed, but were scheduled.


Motion to adjourn –Larsen.  Meeting adjourned at 8:41p.m.