August 25, 2008 - Special Meeting





Present were Mayor Steve Fennewald, Council Members Terry Johnson, Dana Larsen, Kevin Nelsen (when noted), Jarvis Sasse, and Laura Volk.  Also present were Chief of Police Brad Seideman, PWS Greg Lemer, and City Auditor Elaine Christianson.  Council Member Blaine Klein was absent.


Mayor Fennewald called the meeting to order at 7:00p.m. 


The Surrey Senior Citizens have submitted an application and fee for a Blanket Gaming Permit.  Motion to approve the application – Johnson/Volk.  Roll call vote:  Johnson-aye; Volk-aye; Sasse-aye; Larsen-aye; motion carried 4-0.


Lemer reported on a problem with the city pickup transmission.  Preliminary repair estimates range between $500 to $2,000 depending on the extent of the problem.  Motion to approve having the pickup repaired – Sasse/Larsen.  Discussion held regarding different transmission repair businesses.  Roll call vote: Sasse-aye; Larsen-aye; Nelsen-aye; Volk-aye; Johnson-aye; motion carried 5-0.


Christianson discussed implementing a Capital Improvement/Equipment Plan.  By planning for these larger expenses ahead of time, the City would not have to borrow from other funds.  Discussion was held about a new police car rotation plan, moving the city office to the north building, installing fencing around the cistern, installing transfer switches and generators at the lift stations, and other miscellaneous projects.  Further discussion was held about executing a capital improvements fund that would consist of three sub funds – 1) building, 2) equipment, and 3) infrastructure.  Consensus of Council is for employees to work on a plan to present to Council.


Employee wages were discussed first.  Fennewald suggested to give Seideman a 4% increase in wage and lock the rest of the wages at their current rate for the 2009 budget.  Seideman requested his wage be raised to $16.50.  Much discussion held.  Sasse discussed the police departments improved patrol efforts.  Sasse discussed his calculation for splitting the difference between a 4% raise and a $16.50 per hour wage.  Motion to raise Seideman’s wage to $15.60 per hour – Sasse/Larsen.  Roll call vote:  Sasse-aye; Larsen-aye; Nelsen-aye; Johnson-nay; Volk-aye; motion carried 4-1. Consensus of Council was to increase Police Officer Pete Schneider’s wage by 4% also.


Christianson presented the preliminary budget to Council line by line.  Discussion held as required regarding line items.  A five-minute recess was taken at 8:55p.m.  Much discussion held regarding the garbage fund.  Circle Sanitation has been notified by the City of Minot of a proposed 18% rate increase in landfill fees.  Circle Sanitation is proposing the City of Surrey’s contract rate be increased $0.65 to $11.65 per household which is only a 5.9% increase overall.  Discussion was held on the renewal of the mowing agreement with the Park Board.


Seideman presented his request for a 2009 Dodge Charger with equipment at an estimated cost of $29,000 and reported on the condition of the current 2003 police car with 96,000 miles.  Further discussion held regarding the capital improvements plan.


Christianson will make changes as directed by Council and present the final draft of the preliminary budget at the September 8, 2008 Council meeting for approval.


Motion to adjourn – Nelsen/Larsen.  Meeting adjourned at 9:55 p.m.